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Interview: Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen tells John Patterson what the new scenes add to the movie that nearly took his life

“Hi, I’m Martin,” he says, a little superfluously, as he extends his hand. These days the face still offers echoes of the beauty it had when its owner was a young man, still intact when he made Apocalypse Now. Time, gravity and experience have since combined to fill it out, but the 60-year-old version is still alert and expressive, and as reassuring as a president’s face should be. His physique was always lean and compact, and even now that he’s filled out a little, he still emits a sense of controlled, coiled strength.

It ‘s tempting to probe Sheen about The West Wing, and about Terrence Malick’s Badlands (“that and Apocalypse are my own favourites”), Catch-22, and his work with David Cronenberg and dissident American documentarist Emile de Antonio. But we’re here to talk about the movie he’ll forever be most closely associated with, Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, the restored version of which receives its British premiere at the London film festival this month.

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