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Film: Interview with Bill Paxton

In this interview from 2002, Bill Paxton speaks about Titanic, 9/11 and playing an axe murderer in his directorial debut, Frailty

On September 11 last year, Bill Paxton was on a ship in the North Atlantic, directly above the wreck of the Titanic. Paxton, a likable Hollywood journeyman known for his true-blue American roles in Twister, Apollo 13 and Titanic, was helping director James Cameron to make an Imax documentary that mimicked Titanic’s opening sequence, in which salvagers search the famous wreck in mini-submarines.

“When we first got word, Jim had just gone down with the two subs,” Paxton says. “It was the last dive, because Hurricane Erin was coming.” Paxton waited hours for Cameron’s return to tell him the news of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. “I said, ‘Jim, the world changed from the time you went down till you came back.’ It was strange. We felt a little bit like survivors out there.”

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