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The good, the bad and the Christopher Lee

He’s been in some duds and appeared in some classics. But as Christopher Lee celebrates his 81st birthday and anticipates the release of The Return of the King, he tells Victoria Barrett that he has no regrets. Not oneAccording to the Oracle of Kevin B… Continue reading

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Bardot’s right-wing rant shocks France

Brigitte Bardot, the sixties cinema goddess turned animal rights activist, has managed to scandalise France yet again. But unlike in her younger days, it had nothing to do with her provocative screen persona or the number of her lovers. This time, it’s with an astonishing right-wing rant at the expense of almost anyone still living in France.

In her new book, A Cry in the Silence, Ms Bardot denigrates gay and lesbians people as “cheap faggots or circus freaks” and the unemployed as people “who only accept jobs on the black market … and cash in on taxpayers’ money”.

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