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Obituary: Evelyn Keyes

Gone With the Wind actor who admitted to a colourful private lifeEvelyn Keyes, who has died aged 91, entitled her 1977 autobiography, Scarlett O’Hara’s Younger Sister. But there was more to Keyes than her role of Suellen O’Hara in Gone With the Wind (1… Continue reading

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Meryl Streep on Mamma Mia!, the movie

She has played a concentration camp survivor and a working-class whistleblower, but in Mamma Mia! Meryl Streep sings, dances – and does the splits. Stuart Jeffries hears about women in Hollywood and why Abba are more important than we think

The interview with Meryl Streep doesn’t start well. “Do you know who Alan Partridge is?” I ask. “Isn’t he that MP who said he has bulimia?” she replies. Unfortunately not. I explain that he was a character who had a satirical chatshow on British TV called Knowing Me, Knowing You. Streep giggles at the reference to an Abba song. So, I say, I’m just going to introduce you the way that Partridge would introduce his guests. Streep’s right eyebrow rises. She’s either intrigued or about to call security. Here goes. “Knowing me, Stuart Jeffries; knowing you, Meryl Streep, a-hah!” I lean forward and make an ushering gesture.

Streep cracks up. Her extraordinary cheekbones become even more accentuated and she laughs in a delightful girlish way. “No,” I say, “you’re supposed to reply” – “A-hah!” Streep interrupts gamely. That’s it! “Hey, thanks,” she says, “if I’m on his show, I’ll remember that.” The show doesn’t exist any more. “Oh,” says Streep.

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