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Film review: Terminator Salvation

This time it’s definitely a Terminator too far, says Peter Bradshaw as McG and Christian Bale take on a once-great sci-fi franchise

With much buzzing, beeping and whirring, the Terminator franchise comes to an absolute creative standstill, or even goes clankingly into reverse, with this fantastically dull fourth episode. Look closely in the battle scenes and you can see one of the red-eye Terminator robots yawning, leaning over to another robot and mouthing the words: “I actually voted for Stavros Flatley.”

It is set in that post-nuclear future of smoky wreckage, CGI ruination, battered bridges and buggered buildings prophesied in James Cameron’s original 1984 film. The star is notorious crosspatch Christian Bale, playing John Connor, the freedom fighter battling robot-machine tyranny. Connor, you will recall, is the resistance hero whom the machines tried to wipe out by sending California’s future governor Arnold Schwarzenegger back in time to whack his mom. Connor and his comrades discover what they think is a kryptonite-type weapon which will win the war: a signal transmitter that appears to immobilise the robots.

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