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Roy Disney obituary

A nephew of Walt, he restored Disney to classic cartoon statusRoy E Disney, who has died from stomach cancer aged 79, was the last member of the Disney family involved in the company and saw himself as the protector of its tradition. As the family ente… Continue reading

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Who killed off The Golden Compass?

Sam Elliot believes the Catholic church killed off any chances of a sequel to The Golden Compass, but the truth may be far simpler Continue reading… Continue reading

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Film review: The Box

An intriguing premise turns in to 115 minutes of codswallop. Peter Bradshaw squirms away

There are some films that confront the viewer with profound ethical dilemmas, agonising moral choices. In this one, an ageing man with a horrible face approaches a happily married woman with a proposition that could earn her $1m. Oh, heavens to Betsy, you are probably thinking, it’s that Robert Redford back again, the incorrigible old goat, making another of his indecent proposals: a sackful of cash in exchange for the chance to let his expensive trousers and pants pool round his ankles while he puts you on the receiving end of a one-off rogering. How absolutely loathsome. And yet it is a lot of money, so gosh, would I? Would I?

But it is not Robert Redford. This time it is Frank Langella, playing a man with an appalling wound to the side of his face, dressed in an impeccably suave suit and somewhat jaunty hat. In 1976, he arrives at the home of Cameron Diaz, wife of a Nasa employee – and he has something other than sex on his mind. This impassive and mysterious man has had a strange package delivered to her home: it is a box with a perspex dome on top containing a red button. Langella explains that if she or her husband consents to open the dome and push the button, someone, somewhere in the world will die – someone whom they don’t know. In return, they will receive $1m. But he cannot push the button himself, it has to be them, and if they inform the police or anyone else, the deal is off. He politely explains that Cameron and her husband, played by James Marsden, now have 24 hours to think it over.

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